Knowledge Base: Walkthrough

  • How Do I Modify a Report

    If the report has already been submitted, you can't.

    After a walkthrough report is submitted, it cannot be modified. This makes fair to both landlords and tenants; neither party can modify the report and both may access it.

    If you want to add an item to a report that has already been submitted, simply create a new walkthrough report.


    If the report has not been submitted, you can.

    If you are the one who started the report (i.e. the "inspector") then simply go to the report and continue where you left off. You can access and modify the unsubmitted report

  • How Do I Get Started (i.e. installation)

    There is no setup or installation required to use MoveIn.Space.


    1. Go to MoveIn.Space
    2. Log in via Google
      • Note: for your security, we never have access to your password
    3. Start creating a report
  • How do I Create a Walkthrough Report?

    Create a Report to document the condition of a Space (i.e. apartment, office, etc.) at move-in or -out.

    1. Enter the address
      Record where this took place.
    2. Enter the Parties {Landlord, Tenant} and timing
      Add information about your lease, even if you are only occupying it for hours, days, months, or more.
      • Parties
        • Landlord(s) -- whoever is responsible for the Space.
        • Tenants(s) -- whoever is occupying the Space.
        • Inspector -- that is you!
      • Timing
        • When is move-in?
        • When is move-out? This is up to you, and defaults to 12 months from the move-in day for your convenience.
        • When would you like
  • Do I need to add housemate(s) and landlord(s) to a walkthrough report?


    If you do not want to add a housemate or a landlord to a walkthrough report, in the "Lease" section simply click the "X" on the right side of the title bar that says "housemate" or "landlord".

    Afterwards, continue to create a walkthrough report as you would otherwise.

  • What should I include in my inspection?

    What to include is completely up to you.

    Commonly, walkthrough inspections include some or all of the following.

    • Visible damage such as stains, cracks, chips, rips, and wear & tear.
    • Durable goods such as the stove, oven, garbage disposal,dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer.
      • It is a good idea to also document the model number and serial number, to prevent undesired replacement
    • Utilities such as the open electrical fuse box, gas meter, electrical meter, or cable box
      • When possible, take the picture showing the tag that proves that the utility company sealed it